The Attack

Rapunzel shares an incident of her mother's childhood

Rapunzel: On the eve of Christmas, King Frederic invited every neighbouring kingdom to make a grand event.


On Day 1, Prince of Great Sea made a sarcastic comment on one of the princess maid of Corona kingdom then out of nowhere a tight slap landed upon the prince's cheek

A silent moment in the king's hall for two minutes



The Pilot

Celebrations in the kingdom of Corona, Flynn decided to request rapunzel’s company for dinner.

Flynn mistook queen Arianna's room as Rapunzels room.

Flynn: Hey! Rapunzel lets have a dinner date tonight (tried to be romantic :P)

Queen Arianna: (intentional coughs) son, rapunzel's room is 25 yard left from the hall.

Flynn feels awkward and apologises for his mistake



UMA stands for Unified Memory architecture.

UMA used in M1 chip for MAC 2020

Let’s breakdown the word Unified memory.

Unified memory = All memories combined to form a single memory called Unified memory

Unified Memory allows multiple processors or programs in a system to access the memory with a single memory address.

Previously, both CPU and GPU have different memories and the programmer has to allocate the data in different memories. After the introduction of UMA, the line between CPU and GPU memory was erased, now they share the same memory to allot or retrieve data.